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Wednesday, September 21, 2011

The Great Cancer Hoax Part II: The Brilliant Cure the FDA Tried Their Best to Shut Down...

The Great Cancer Hoax Part II: The Brilliant Cure the FDA Tried Their Best to Shut Down...This story has been going on and on for so many years that a person loses count.  Now, 40 years later, where is the progress?

"In 1971, US President Richard Nixon declared war on cancer; the National Cancer Act was enacted and the national cancer program was born. An impressive $1.6 billion dollars were allocated to the program for the first three years alone, and its director even reported directly to the President.
So, after 40 years, how has the war on cancer fared?
One would think that after four decades of fervent research and countless billions of dollars spent, we would have this dreadful disease under control. Just think of the rapid explosion of ideas and innovations within other technology areas. Your cell phone is now more powerful than the largest supercomputers of that time, for example.
Alas, the war on cancer has been a MASSIVE failure, and the reasons for this failure are clearly explained in the featured documentary Cut, Poison, Burn.
Greed bordering on the grotesque has been allowed to rule the game here, and the primary beneficiaries of this 40-year long "war" are pharmaceutical companies and the tremendously profitable cancer industry as a whole, including so-called "non-profit" organizations like the American Cancer Society.
Rather than decreasing, cancer rates have increased during the last 40 years, and now surpass heart disease as the number one killer of Americans between the ages of 45 to 74..."

What Your Oncologist Won't Tell You…
"In the film, Jim Navarro makes a statement that really highlights the sheer ludicrousness of the current model of cancer care. Although the doctor admitted that chemotherapy "would not work" for their son's particular cancer, and the package insert stated that the drug has not been proven safe or effective for pediatric use, he still insisted that chemotherapy had to be used, and if the Navarro's refused to submit their son to this 'standard care,' they could go to jail and their son could be legally taken from them.
Meanwhile, they were blocked from using an alternative treatment created by Dr. Burzynski—a completely non-toxic treatment with an average success rate of 50-60 percent—because it was not part of the approved standard of care.
This is a dementedly inhuman game; where a child's quality of life and entire future is tossed aside in order to maintain a highly profitable status quo.
The truth of the matter is that safe and effective alternatives to this toxic and deadly paradigm do exist. "

The Great Cancer Hoax Part II: The Brilliant Cure the FDA Tried Their Best to Shut Down...This just makes me feel so sick at heart.  My own daughter is battling cancer
with chemotherapy after.  Due to the extreme cost of chemotherapy, people who have limited income must go along with the establishment who absolutely rage against natural cures.  Often the cost is equally prohibitive and insurance does not cover many forms of treatment.   The proverbial rock and hard place.

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