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Monday, September 19, 2011

The idea that one can get proper nutrition from diet alone is largely a myth

The idea that one can get proper nutrition from diet alone is largely a myth.  This harmful myth may be responsible for more iatrogenic disease and death than we have heretofore guessed at solely.  Thanks to the medical establishment's ignorance of proper, life sustaining nutrition, we are given pills for every ill and never get well.  Gee whiz, any guesses why?

"(NaturalNews) One of the biggest health myths is the idea that a person can get all the nutrition s/he needs by simply eating a balanced diet. The truth is that it is next to impossible to get even the minimal RDA amounts of the limited number of vitamins and minerals on the RDA list, much less the amounts of all the many nutrients needed for optimal health from diet alone.  

Decades of over-farming has left the world's top soils severely depleted of essential minerals. For the most part, the only minerals replaced have been those needed for optimal growth and not vital minerals such as magnesium which are needed for optimal health."

"Foods on our grocers' shelves frequently have had true nutrition processed out (and often harmful additives processed in to enhance shelf life, taste, color and texture). In many instances most of the claimed nutrition comes from added synthetic petrochemical vitamins and crushed rock minerals - which are vastly inferior to natural vitamins and minerals found in food."
Read the balance of this article at the link below:

"Another related myth is the idea that doctors are good sources of information and advice about diet and nutrition. In most instances, mainstream doctors are woefully deficient in information about diet and nutrition. Doctors are taught in medical schools where the primary funding source is the pharmaceutical industry and where curriculum is controlled by the AMA. Not surprisingly, doctors are taught that the way to treat illness is to prescribe drug company medications and to perform mainstream medical treatments. What they are not taught is the vital role that diet and proper nutrition play in our health."

The idea that one can get proper nutrition from diet alone is largely a myth.  Yes, I agree. Being an advocate for wholesome, life sustaining nutrition, the one thing I have learned about this topic above all else is this: You are what you eat.  You can't feed a live body dead food without suffering malfunction in the short and long term.  Bottom line.

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