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Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Science Gone Wrong: Bioengineered animal proteins used to make bulletproof humans

Science Gone Wrong: Bioengineered animal proteins used to make bulletproof humans.  Here we are in future time, bio-engineering humans.  Stuff that science fiction writers have addressed for nearly a hundred years.

" (NaturalNews) If certain crazy scientists have their way, we could eventually see some humans covered in skin that has been bioengineered with animal parts such as spider's silk and goat milk.

Bulletproof vests are widely accepted as a method of ballistic protection, but genuine bulletproof skin has always been a concept meant only for science-fiction movies. It's absolutely heinous and ridiculous to imagine such a notion becoming a reality, but thanks to a sickening development devised by UK scientists, it may be soon become reality: a bulletproof "vest" or human bulletproof skin created by combining genetically engineered goat milk and spider's silk woven into skin cells.

"Researchers working with the Forensic Genomics Consortium in the Netherlands genetically engineered goats to produce milk teeming with the same protein found in the webs spun by silk spiders. This milk is then spun and weaved into a material that is claimed to be almost ten times stronger than steel.

Scientists hope to blend this supposedly forcible fabric with real human skin to make what they expect to be a vest "tough enough to stop a bullet." The "spidersilk" project was named "2.6g 329m/s' after the weight and velocity of a .22 caliber rifle bullet.

Bulletproof humans with 'spidersilk' skin?The "spidersilk vest" idea was taken a step further when researchers asked: why bother with only a vest if we can actually replace real human skin with bioengineered spidersilk protein? One Dutch researcher with the project, Jalila Essaidi, claimed the goal is to eventually replace keratin, the protein responsible for the toughness of our skin, with bioengineered spider's silk.

What makes these scientists think this is a totally reasonable idea - using bioengineered animal parts that have been made in a laboratory in order to create a fake human skin that's bulletproof? Not only is it preposterous, but it's also offensive and a bit frightening to imagine this harebrained idea materializing into reality.

The first stage of this experiment involves growing a layer of real human skin around a sample of bulletproof skin, which takes around five weeks to complete. The whole process is possible by adding the silk-producing genes of a spider to the genome of a human. The outrageous end result, according to these mad scientists: bulletproof humans."

"Secret human-animal hybrid experiments are becoming frighteningly prevalent

One hundred and fifty animal-human hybrid embryos were recently produced by mad scientists in the UK (with full government approval) under the 2008 Human Fertilisation Embryology Act. The UK's Daily Mail newspaper reported that a committee of scientists sounded the alarm on the operation; it expressed serious concerns over the possibility of the experiments going "too far" and of resulting in a real Planet of the Apes scenario where animals could eventually escape from the lab and reproduce in the wild.

Again, this probably all sounds like science fiction, but it's merely a truly rude awakening: these types of sickening experiments are becoming realities in science. It is not fiction that human-animal hybrids have been produced by these UK scientists for the last three years.

Some of the abnormalities the scientists created were animal eggs fertilized with human sperm, cybrids (or animal cells that are injected with human cell nuclei) and chimeras, a mixture of human cells and animal cells."

Read more about these experiments here:

Sources used and further reading:

Learn more:

Science Gone Wrong: Bioengineered animal proteins used to make bulletproof humans.
I have long been a fan of science fiction dramas, and have read about
 bio-engineered humanoids in the future. 

 It is the word "humanoids" that scares me, I admit. 
The authors are typically physicists in their fields who write science fiction part time.  Their work has validity because they are designing the future.  Well, here it is.  At least for public awareness.  

Who knows how long and how extensive this research has existed and the results thereof?

Murdoch's media malpractice and the genetic altering of human beings through DNA vaccines

Murdoch's media malpractice and the genetic altering of human beings through DNA vaccines.    You may be wondering what this has to do with food, and after reading this brilliant article you will have a fuller understanding of why.  Bio-engineering human DNA will affect every single cell in your body. Imagine what bio-engineered crops have done to your system already. Make it worse with altering humans with vaccines, drugs and more and you have franken-people.  

 "(NaturalNews) Rupert Murdoch's media empire News Corp., which represents the second largest media conglomerate in the world behind the Walt Disney Company, is taking a severe beating as Murdoch himself is having to address various criminal allegations, including that his News of the World tabloid illegally hacked private phone lines and committed various other crimes (

But Murdoch's media malpractice runs even deeper as his strong connections to the pharmaceutical industry also fueled his media machine's fabrication of lies against Dr. Andrew Wakefield, as well as hid from the public the true dangers of DNA vaccines that permanently corrupt human genes and cause autism.

Murdoch has built quite a reputation for himself as a scoundrel of sorts, as many Americans who identify with the "left" side of the political spectrum have accused him of pandering to the "right" by skewing the news to appeal to "conservatives" (Murdoch owns FOX News, after all).

But what Murdoch's organization is actually doing on all fronts with its various media outlets, including FOX, is pushing much bigger agendas that supersede any alleged "right vs. left" paradigm. One such agenda is News Corp.'s routine censorship of the dangerous truth about drugs and vaccines, which include smear campaigns like those levied against Dr. Wakefield who conduct legitimate research that contradicts mainstream medical thought."

Learn more:
 "Murdoch media empire, judicial system closely knit with drug companies
Did you know that Rupert Murdoch's son James Murdoch, who manages the UK paper  Sunday Times, is on the board of GSK? Or how about Sir Nigel Davis, the High Court judge that denied parents of children treated by Dr. Wakefield the right to have their claims against vaccine manufacturers heard in a real court? Davis' brother, who is an executive board member of Elsevier, the group that publishes the Lancet, is also on the board of GSK."

"An article in the COTO Report also explains that the head of the popular Reuters news service serves on the board of Merck, while a prominent writer at the UK's Daily Mirror is married to the former chairman of GSK. And the list goes on and on.

With all of these strong connections to drug companies, it is no wonder that the media at large wholly participated in the Dr. Wakefield slander campaign -- after all, Dr. Wakefield's work caused millions of people to wake up and begin questioning the safety not only of the MMR vaccine, but also of vaccines in general. And this continued awakening is taking its toll on Big Pharma's profits."

MMR and dozens of other DNA' vaccines essentially create genetically-modified humans

"Dr. Wakefield's work uncovered a crucial detail about certain vaccines that ultimately exposes those in this particular category as highly-dangerous, life-altering poisons. Third-generation DNA vaccines like MMR contain genetically-engineered (GE) materials that are injected directly into the body, sort of like how genetically-modified (GM) crop seeds have been injected with altered DNA that changes their genetic makeup -- and these GE traits can permanently alter proper human development.

"As far as DNA vaccines are concerned, the GE material they contain is included as part of an overall effort to induce "DNA uptake," a term that is very vaguely defined, but one that appears to infer a literal adoption of altered DNA into the human genetic structure. If this is the case, then DNA vaccines like MMR are overriding normal DNA with altered DNA, which causes the untold changes in human development and health that have been observed.

Based on Dr. Wakefield's findings, this is exactly what appears to occur with MMR vaccines in particular, and it is why he urged the public to skip the MMR vaccine and get the individual vaccines instead. His findings showed that the MMR vaccine is linked to mitochondria dysfunction caused by DNA mutations. And since no proper review of MMR has ever taken place to prove its safety, his professional conclusion was that it was best to stop using it for childrens safety."

"CBS News, however, did recently report on a new review published in the Journal of Immunotoxicology that addresses the issue of third-generation DNA vaccines and autism. That review, entitled Theoretical aspects of autism: Causes -- A review, admits that "[d]ocumented causes of autism include genetic mutations and/or deletions, viral infections, and encephalitis [brain damage] following vaccination."

Learn more:

Murdoch's media malpractice and the genetic altering of human beings through DNA vaccines.  Slowly, surely, this viper is being exposed for exactly who and what he is.   A tyrant, dictator, murderer of future mankind.  Complete control of the media worldwide which he owns.  Little wonder people are fully aware of what is happening in the world at large.  We are kept in ignorance and fed nothing but lies by Murdoch's media.

Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Curcumin: A Powdered Gold that Can Help Prevent Alzehiemer’s

Curcumin: A Powdered Gold that Can Help Prevent Alzehiemer’s.  When I first read an article on this topic, Tumeric, some months ago, I was interested, but set it aside as I don't have Alzheimer's as an immediate concern in my life or that of my family.  But when I saw it again, I also noted that there is research on utilizing it not only in neurological disorders but perhaps in "derailing" cancer.

"Looking For A Way to Kick Alzheimer’s?…
In 2008, researchers hypothesized that inflammation may play a role in Alzheimer’s disease. Therefore, it stood to reason that anti-inflammatory NSAIDs should help in the prevention or even treatment of the disease.
To test this theory, they developed the Alzheimer’s Disease Anti-Inflammatory Prevention Trial, or ADAPT.4 More than 2,500 patients enrolled in this randomized, placebo-controlled study.
They were divided into three groups, with the first group receiving 200 mg of celocoxib (Celebrex) twice a day. The second group received 220 mg of naproxen twice a day, and the third group received a placebo.
The study was to last for seven years, but only four years after it began the researchers terminated the study due to safety concerns related to naproxen.
While they found that the NSAIDs did result (to date) in a 30 percent reduction in Alzheimer’s among those patients taking them, they determined that the drug’s side effects (such as gastrointestinal bleeding and liver and kidney damage) weren’t worth the risk. We agree.
Given this, some clever researchers at UCLA were intrigued by the idea that anti-inflammatory drugs seemed to reduce Alzheimer’s disease. So, aiming to sidestep the dangers of NSAIDs, they decided to see if a natural anti-inflammatory could produce the same results.5
Re-enter curcumin.
Researchers tested both a low-dose and a high-dose of curcumin on mice with Alzheimer-like pathology to see if the spice would reduce inflammation, oxidative damage, and plaque pathology.
They determined that curcumin significantly lowered several inflammation markers, in addition to reducing plaque on the brain (a sign of Alzheimer’s) by 43 to 50 percent.
They concluded that curcumin “shows promise for the prevention of Alzheimer’s disease.”
We think it does too, and without the dangerous side effects of NSAIDs.
However, what we’d really like to see is a gold standard human study that tests the effects of curcumin on Alzheimer’s disease. But this is a good start."

Where to Find Your Indian Gold…
"One of the easiest ways to enjoy all of the therapeutic benefits of curcumin is to use turmeric in cooking.
However, don’t confuse turmeric with curry powder. While both are yellow spices often used in Indian cuisine, curry is actually a blend of spices, only one of which is turmeric. You want the straight stuff…just turmeric.
Then you can go to town. Use it on any protein dish: fish, meat, or chicken. It also tastes fantastic mixed with lentils and garbanzo beans.
But don’t stop there. You can add turmeric to vegetables, rice, potatoes, and soups. Experiment and enjoy. The result will be delicious AND healthy.
If you are looking for a more concentrated health hit, you can also opt for curcumin supplements. The recommended dose is 450–600 mg per day. Just be sure to take it with a healthy fat, such as coconut oil or olive oil, to increase absorption.
And, as with all supplements, look for a product that is free from preservatives, fillers, binders, excipients, flow agents, shellacs, coloring agents, gluten, yeast, lactose, and other allergens. Ideally, you’ll also be able to find independent analysis done by a third party to verify the active ingredients and identify any contaminants.
Whether you choose to get cooking or rely on supplementation, turmeric and its powerful ally, curcumin, truly is worth its weight in gold.
1Chainani-Wu, N. Safety and anti-inflammatory activity of curcumin: a component of turmeric (Curcuma longa). J. Altern. Complement. Med. 2003 Feb; 9(1):161-8.
2Satoskar, RR, et al. Evaluation of anti-inflammatory property of curcumin (diferuloyl methane) in patients with postoperative inflammation. Int. J Clin Pharmacol Ther Toxicol. 1986 Dec;24(12):651-4.
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4Martin, BK, et al. Cognitive function over time in the Alzheimer’s Disease Anti-inflammatory Prevention Trial (ADAPT); results of a randomized, controlled trial of naproxen and celecoxib. Arch. Neurol. 2008; 65(7):896-905.
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Curcumin: A Powdered Gold that Can Help Prevent Alzehiemer’s.  I buy my supplements from several vendors I know that do not have toxic chemical additives like magnesium stearate in them.  I usually buy products from this vendor online:  I prefer Pure Encapsulations because their products are free of additives and other noxious substances.

Saturday, August 27, 2011

This Almost Perfect Natural Oil Could Slow Down Your Aging Clock

This Almost Perfect Natural Oil Could Slow Down Your Aging Clock.  Whatever works is my personal motto and here is a product that I use and believe in.  Dr. Mercola's research on Krill oil is excellent.  

The brief excerpt below 
gives you an inkling of what this super food can do for you. 

"It merely took time for the science to document what was obvious clinically, that krill had the identical fats as fish oil but was a far higher quality source due to astaxanthin protecting the perishable fats, and the phospholipids that massively increase the absorption of the fats.
Please remember that omega-3 fats are essential to the health of your heart and brain, among other body systems. What you may not be aware of is the ever-widening array of diseases for which krill may have a positive impact. New research is emerging all the time revealing benefits that broaden the scope of what this powerful natural source of fat can do for you.

The research regarding omega-3 fats and krill has really exploded over the past two years, and it's getting downright hard to keep up. This article will focus on the research specific to krill, but realize that there's a massive body of research out there on omega-3 fats in general that I will only touch on, which has direct applicability to krill. By the end of this article, it should be obvious why I'm such a fan. Before we begin to talk about the health benefits of krill oil, allow me to refresh your memory about why you need omega-3 fats in the first place."

Young or Old—Krill Oil Helps Protect Your Brain
"Some omega-3 fats—especially DHA—are critical for your nervous system, particularly your brain. DHA is converted into substances called neuroprotectins. Alzheimer's disease is associated with a shortage of these neuroprotectins. Fats make up the majority of your brain tissue (about two-thirds). Myelin, the protective sheath that covers your neurons, is composed of 30 percent protein and 70 percent fat. These fats are not just important for adults. Omega-3s are also important to infants and children, for proper cognitive development and vision.
A number of interesting omega-3 studies have emerged in the past two years. Here are a few:
  • A study published April 2010 found that older adults with higher blood levels of omega-3 fat were 33 percent less likely to develop Alzheimer's disease and 38 percent less likely to develop dementia than those with lower omega-3 levels.
  • Yurko-Mauro, et al studied the effects of algal DHA on the memory of healthy older adults. After six months of treatment, their performance on memory tests significantly improved. After completion of treatment, participants' learning and memory skills were equivalent to those of people "three years younger," researchers said.
  • A 2010 study found that DHA-derived neuroprotectins promote good neuro-signalling and overall brain health.
  • Another 2010 study found omega-3 fat so effective for treating psychotic disorders that they concluded omega 3s are "a safe alternative to anti-psychotic drugs." Researchers also stated that omega-3s may delay the onset of schizophrenia.
Low concentrations of EPA and DHA are known to accelerate cognitive decline and increase your risk for mood swings and mood disorders. Those suffering from depression have been found to have lower levels of omega-3 in their blood, compared to nondepressed individuals. A 2010 study involving 46 depressed elderly women concluded that omega-3 supplementation is an effective treatment for depression and can improve quality of life.
According to a report published in 2007 in the Alternative Medicine Review, DHA and EPA in krill oil can lessen a variety of brain and mental disorders, including autism and dyslexia. DHA also protects your cells from gene mutations that can lead to brain diseases such as Parkinson's and some forms of Alzheimer's disease, by preventing "misfolding" of certain proteins that occur as a result of those mutations."
This Almost Perfect Natural Oil Could Slow Down Your Aging Clock.  I wasn't too sure 
about the claims that Krill could help a person's health in so many ways,  
but willing to try it. 

To my relief and delight I can say that it really does help me feel better, more energized 
and alert.




Friday, August 26, 2011

Genetically Modified Organisms are Unfit for Consumption

Genetically Modified Organisms are Unfit for Consumption.  A thoughtful article offering a strong warning to the public "to avoid all genetically modified foods...until studies can prove their safety...".  Amen to that.  Look at the extensive and horrifying damage to soil worldwide that has been wrecked by Monsanto's evil GMO food seeds responsible for  destroying the environment and sterilizing soil, resulting in crop failure and starvation.   

"(NaturalNews) The American Academy of Environmental Medicine (AAEM) has issued a warning urging the public to avoid genetically modified foods and has also called for a moratorium on GMOs until long-term, independent studies can prove their safety. The group has also called for required labeling of foods that contain GMOs, a move that has been strongly opposed by the Food and Drug Administration and Big Biotech which cooperatively purport that consumers should not have the right to know whether or not the foods they buy come from traditionally bred or genetically engineered sources.

While urging for more independent studies, the AAEM paper cites its own studies alleging that genetically modified foods cause serious adverse health effects, emphasizing more than a mere "causal association" as is commonly assumed. These effects include rapid aging, severe alterations to the major bodily organs, infertility, immune problems, gastrointestinal dysfunction, and disruption to proper insulin regulation, among others.
Learn more:

"Probably the worst finding in the AAEM report is the fact that GMOs can live and reproduce in the intestinal flora of the body long after being eaten. The genes present in the genetically modified organisms transfer into the DNA of intestinal bacteria, the good bacteria that digests food and maintains bodily health. This reprogramming can cause the intestinal flora to begin reproducing Bt pesticides, for example, rather than producing the living bacteria it is supposed to. The permanent, deadly implications of these alterations are mind boggling since intestinal flora is crucial for life.

Despite consensus from most FDA scientists in the early '90s declaring that genetically modified foods are inherently dangerous and could lead to all sorts of serious health problems, politics won out as mandates were given from Washington to promote biotechnology and GMOs in spite of apparent and obvious dangers. This led to the promotion of Michael Taylor, former attorney for Monsanto, as head of GMO policy at the FDA, a move that led to the official denial by the agency of any knowledge or substantiated concern by any FDA scientists about the safety of GMOs.

Despite findings in some 44,000 pages of internal FDA memos and reports released in 1999 due to a lawsuit, findings that contained the warnings from then scientists about the "unintended negative side effects" of genetic engineering, official FDA GMO policy has been scrubbed clean of the truth and purports blatant lies in its defense of GMOs as safe. In fact, current policy emphatically states that no safety studies on GMOs are even required or necessary; it is instead up to Big Biotech to determine the safety of its own genetically modified organisms if it so chooses."..

"...Lastly, the mindful citizen should contact grocers, food manufacturers, and restaurants to inquire about genetically modified ingredients and oppose their usage. As increasing numbers of people begin to seek out this information across the food supply-chain and purposefully avoid products that contain GMOs, producers and retailers will phase them out in order to meet demand. This can be seen in the gradual elimination of toxins such as high fructose corn syrup from food as consumers learn about its effects and avoid products that contain it."...

Genetically Modified Organisms are Unfit for Consumption. I would very much like to trust that complaining to grocers would make a difference.   In these trying times in an economy that is in it's death throes,  just being able to eat is the goal for many.  Still, if you have the means to do so, eat organically. 
I have found that modifying my diet to those foods that are fresh, non GMOs are safest and least expensive overall.   

Christians teach poor nutrition vandalizes spirituality.

Christians teach poor nutrition vandalizes spirituality.  " As a Christian believer, a nutritionally sound body – including healthy weight - for God’s Temple is not suggested, it’s mandatory."  

This puts a whole new spin on how one must become conscious of one's temple on every level of being, and the reasons why.

"Biblical teachings do more than suggest good nutrition. Isaiah 55:2 says eat the good food and don’t waste your money on things that are not healthful. Other teachings show that when you become a Christian (allow God control of your life,), your body becomes His temple. I Corinthians 3:16 states: “ Do you not know that you are a temple of God, and that the Spirit of God dwells in you?” As a Christian believer, a nutritionally sound body – including healthy weight - for God’s Temple is not suggested, it’s mandatory. Things get serious in the very next sentence with a warning. God said, “No one will get by with vandalizing God’s temple, you can be sure of that. God’s temple is sacred—and you, remember, are the temple.” 1Corinthians 3:17

"Some examples of vandalizing the temple would be starving it, overstuffing it, not eating nutritionally and not exercising (knowing what is right and not doing it). All of these will rob our body of its health. Robbing is one form of vandalism. Can you think of others? Common definitions include purposely destroying or damaging the property of another, and Webster’s dictionary includes the word reckless to describe the behavior. We are not to be reckless: a. heedless or careless. b. headstrong; rash. c. Indifferent to or lack of regard of consequences, neglect. So what is the opposite then, that we SHOULD DO?..."

"... Here are some resources: Food addiction: Check out The Lord’s Table – free online classes Diet guidance - First Place – local classes now in session - www.firstplace4health.com - The Stupid Diet (because it is so simple, it would be stupid not to follow it.)

Continue reading on Christians teach poor nutrition vandalizes spirituality - National Health 101 |

Christians teach poor nutrition vandalizes spirituality.  I agree and support the 
shift toward conscious eating and nutrition that is blossoming all over the US 
right now.

Thursday, August 25, 2011

Why is George Soros selling gold and buying farmland?

Why is George Soros selling gold and buying farmland?  The answer is obvious. Total control of all farmland.  Enslavement of a population through complete control of our most basic need for survival: food.  And there you have it. 

 Freedom of choice is gone.  We are peering into the face of One World Order.  Never doubt it.

"(NaturalNews) Food prices are skyrocketing all across the globe, and there's no end in sight. The United Nations says food inflation is currently at 30% a year, and the fast-eroding value of the dollar is causing food prices to appear even higher (in contrast to a weakening currency). As the dollar drops in value due to runaway money printing at the Federal Reserve, the cost to import foods from other nations looks to double in just the next two years -- and possibly every two years thereafter."

"That's probably why investors around the globe are flocking to farmland as the new growth industry. "Investors are pouring into farmland in the U.S. and parts of Europe, Latin America and Africa as global food prices soar," reports Bloomberg magazine ( "A fund controlled by George Soros, the billionaire hedge-fund manager, owns 23.4 percent of South American farmland venture Adecoagro SA."

Jim Rogers is also quoted in the same story, saying, "I have frequently told people that one of the best investments in the world will be farmland."

That's because demand for food is accelerating even as radical climate changes, a loss of fossil water supplies, and the failure of genetically engineered crops is actuallyreducing food yields around the globe. Ceres Partners, which invests in farmland, has produced astonishing 16 percent annual returns since its launch in 2008. And this is during a depressed economy when most other industries are showing losses.

"You can't eat gold, folks. And you can't eat silver. Everybody has to eat to stay alive, and that means everybody needs a constant stream of food just to keep breathing. That's why investing in food makes so much sense."

And by "investing in food," I mean any or all of the following:

• Investing in storable food that you can save on the shelf and keep for future use or barter.

• Investing in your own gardening skills so that you have the know-how to produce food when needed.

• Investing in non-hybrid garden seeds so that you have the genetic blueprints to grow food that can propagate itself generation after generation.

• Investing in farmland -- especially farmland with water -- that offers the fertility and climate to produce food.

• Investing in educational courses that teach you how to create food through a variety of methods: Wildcrafting, gardening, sprouting and so on.

Learn more:

Why is George Soros selling gold and buying farmland?  As he states above. You can't eat gold. Bottom line.

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Gluten: What You Don’t Know Might Kill You

Gluten: What You Don’t Know Might Kill You.  I have first hand experience with gluten intolerance.  It darned near killed me until I read an article from which I am citing below.

I eliminated all gluten products from my diet with no exceptions.  Within a week all my allergic reactions/ intolerance, and the extremely uncomfortable physical reactions, had disappeared.

 Next, I eliminated all lectin products like beans and lectin heavy grains from my diet.  What transpired was another shift in my physical health.  Sooo much better.  Here is the article I feel has saved my health and my life.

"SOMETHING YOU’RE EATING may be killing you, and you probably don’t even know it! If you eat cheeseburgers or French fries all the time or drink six sodas a day, you likely know you are shortening your life. But eating a nice dark, crunchy slice of whole wheat bread–how could that be bad for you? Well, bread contains gluten, a protein found in wheat, barley, rye, spelt, kamut, and oats. It is hidden in pizza, pasta, bread, wraps, rolls, and most processed foods. Clearly, gluten is a staple of the American diet. What most people don’t know is that gluten can cause serious health complications for many. You may be at risk even if you don’t have full blown celiac disease. I want to reveal the truth about gluten, explain the dangers, and provide you with a simple system that will help you determine whether or not gluten is a problem for you.

The Dangers of Gluten
"A recent large study in the Journal of the American Medical Association found that people with diagnosed, undiagnosed, and “latent” celiac disease or gluten sensitivity had a higher risk of death, mostly from heart disease and cancer. (i)
This study looked at almost 30,000 patients from 1969 to 2008 and examined deaths in three groups: Those with full-blown celiac disease, those with inflammation of their intestine but not full-blown celiac disease, and those with latent celiac disease or gluten sensitivity (elevated gluten antibodies but negative intestinal biopsy).
The findings were dramatic. There was a 39 percent increased risk of death in those with celiac disease, 72 percent increased risk in those with gut inflammation related to gluten, and 35 percent increased risk in those with gluten sensitivity but no celiac disease.

This is ground-breaking research that proves you don’t have to have full-blown celiac disease with a positive intestinal biopsy (which is what conventional thinking tells us) to have serious health problems and complications–even death–from eating gluten.
Yet an estimated 99 percent of people who have a problem with eating gluten don’t even know it. They ascribe their ill health or symptoms to something else–not gluten sensitivity, which is 100 percent curable.

And here’s some more shocking news …
"Another study comparing the blood of 10,000 people from 50 years ago to 10,000 people today found that the incidences of full-blown celiac disease increased by 400 percent (elevated TTG antibodies) during that time period. (ii) If we saw a 400 percent increase in heart disease or cancer, this would be headline news. But we hear almost nothing about this. I will explain why I think that increase has occurred in a moment. First, let’s explore the economic cost of this hidden epidemic.
The most serious form of allergy to gluten, celiac disease, affects one in 100 people, or three million Americans, most of who don’t know they have it."

"And it’s not just a few who suffer, but millions. Far more people have gluten sensitivity than you think–especially those who are chronically ill. The most serious form of allergy to gluten, celiac disease, affects one in 100 people, or three million Americans, most of who don’t know they have it. But milder forms of gluten sensitivity are even more common and may affect up to one-third of the American population.
Why haven’t you heard much about this?

Well, actually you have, but you just don’t realize it. Celiac disease and gluten sensitivity masquerade as dozens and dozens of other diseases with different names.

Gluten Sensitivity: One Cause, Many Diseases
"A review paper in The New England Journal of Medicine listed 55 “diseases” that can be caused by eating gluten. (iv) These include osteoporosis, irritable bowel disease, inflammatory bowel disease, anemia, cancer, fatigue, canker sores, (v) and rheumatoid arthritis, lupus, multiple sclerosis, and almost all other autoimmune diseases. Gluten is also linked to many psychiatric (vi) and neurological diseases, including anxiety, depression, (vii) schizophrenia, (viii) dementia, (ix) migraines, epilepsy, and neuropathy (nerve damage). (x) It has also been linked to autism.(ix)
We used to think that gluten problems or celiac disease were confined to children who had diarrhea, weight loss, and failure to thrive. Now we know you can be old, fat, and constipated and still have celiac disease or gluten sensitivity.
Gluten sensitivity is actually an autoimmune disease that creates inflammation throughout the body, with wide-ranging effects across all organ systems including your brain, heart, joints, digestive tract, and more. It can be the single cause behind many different “diseases.” To correct these diseases, you need to treat the cause–which is often gluten sensitivity–not just the symptoms.

Of course, that doesn’t mean that ALL cases of depression or autoimmune disease or any of these other problems are caused by gluten in everyone–but it is important to look for it if you have any chronic illness.
By failing to identify gluten sensitivity and celiac disease, we create needless suffering and death for millions of Americans. Health problems caused by gluten sensitivity cannot be treated with better medication. They can only be resolved by eliminating 100 percent of the gluten from your diet.

The question that remains is: Why are we so sensitive to this “staff of life,” the staple of our diet?
There are many reasons …
"They include our lack of genetic adaptation to grasses, and particularly gluten, in our diet. Wheat was introduced into Europe during the Middle Ages, and 30 percent of people of European descent carry the gene for celiac disease (HLA DQ2 or HLA DQ8), (xii) which increases susceptibility to health problems from eating gluten. 

American strains of wheat have a much higher gluten content (which is needed to make light, fluffy Wonder Bread and giant bagels) than those traditionally found in Europe. This super-gluten was recently introduced into our agricultural food supply and now has “infected” nearly all wheat strains in America.
To find out if you are one of the millions of people suffering from an unidentified gluten sensitivity, just follow this simple procedure."

The Elimination/Reintegration Diet
While testing can help identify gluten sensivity, the only way you will know if this is really a problem for you is to eliminate all gluten for a short period of time (2 to 4 weeks) and see how you feel. Get rid of the following foods:
  • Gluten (barley, rye, oats, spelt, kamut, wheat, triticale–see for a complete list of foods that contain gluten, as well as often surprising and hidden sources of gluten.)
  • Hidden sources (soup mixes, salad dressings, sauces, as well as lipstick, certain vitamins, medications, stamps and envelopes you have to lick, and even Play-Doh.)
For this test to work you MUST eliminate 100 percent of the gluten from your diet–no exceptions, no hidden gluten, and not a single crumb of bread.
Then eat it again and see what happens. If you feel bad at all, you need to stay off gluten permanently. This will teach you better than any test about the impact gluten has on your body.

When you get these tests, there are a few things to keep in mind.
"In light of the new research on the dangers of gluten sensitivity without full blown celiac disease, I consider any elevation of antibodies significant and worthy of a trial of gluten elimination. Many doctors consider elevated anti-gliadin antibodies in the absence of a positive intestinal biopsy showing damage to be “false positives.” That means the test looks positive but really isn’t significant.
We can no longer say that. Positive is positive and, as with all illness, there is a continuum of disease, from mild gluten sensitivity to full-blown celiac disease. If your antibodies are elevated, you should go off gluten and test to see if it is leading to your health problems.
So now you see–that piece of bread may not be so wholesome after all! Follow the advice I’ve shared with you today to find out if gluten may be the hidden cause of your health problems. Simply eliminating this insidious substnace from your diet, may help you achieve lifelong vibrant health.
Now I’d like to hear from you …
Are you one of the millions that have been lead to believe gluten is perfectly safe to eat?
How do foods that contain gluten seem to affect you?
Gluten: What You Don’t Know Might Kill You.  I learned that I was both gluten and lectin intolerant, which wiped out the major source of my diet.  Bummer.  But, the health benefits far surpass the sacrifices.  

There are a number of fair to good gluten free products on the market, both pre-made breads and pastries,  or in packaged mixes available at your natural foods store.  Give gluten free a try for a month.  See the difference for yourself.  I found another benefit to gluten free diet.  Twelve pounds literally melted off me.  

Enormously Useful Allergy Treatment - With Virtually No Side Effects

Enormously Useful Allergy Treatment - With Virtually No Side Effects.  If you suffer as I do with allergies and notice that each season seems to last longer, then read this highly informative article on why and how 
to treat them naturally.  I have been following this excellent advice and specifically found gluten intolerance at the top of my list of things to eliminate from my diet.  After going gluten free for a month now, I feel like a different person.  The lengthy list of allergic reactions that I had been suffering with prior to becoming gluten free shows has cleared.  I am free of reactions.   I am astonished to say the least. 

"This allergy season could be worse than those of past years in the U.S., heavy snow and rain in many places, followed by a sudden shift to warm weather, have led to a profusion of tree pollen and mold.
A new study in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences shows a link between warming temperatures and a longer ragweed pollen season. According to researchers led by Lewis Ziska of the U.S. Department of Agriculture, the ragweed season is now 27 days longer in the northernmost areas of North America, largely because winter starts later and ends earlier, extending the time for pollen-bearing plants to thrive. It's not the first piece of research to make the claim that global warming will worsen allergies, but it's the most detailed and it's peer-reviewed.
In general, allergy seasons have been getting longer and more challenging, although pollen counts and allergy attacks vary widely from region to region.
Yahoo News reports:
"... [E]verything is ripe this year for a historic season. It's been an exceptionally rainy spring in much of the country, with several states east of the Mississippi River setting records for the wettest April since 1895 ... In Los Angeles, rain, a heat wave and the Santa Ana winds combined for a brutal stretch in February."

Evidence Climate Change is Making Allergies Worse

"There are now a number of studies linking changes in climate with increasingly long and severe allergy seasons. In fact, springtime is arriving 10 to 14 days earlier than it did 20 years ago, which results in higher pollen levels for longer periods of time. A new USDA study published in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Health Sciences confirms that hay fever season is becoming more intense and lasting longer. How do altered weather patterns contribute to allergies?
Clifford Bassett, MD, medical director of Allergy and Asthma Care of New York sheds some light on this by using the example of ragweed, a very common allergen. Under normal circumstances, a single ragweed plant produces 1 million pollen grains. However, a CO2-rich environment boosts that number to 3 to 4 million grains. And ragweed is only ONE of the weed species making you miserable—there are many others that scientists expect to become "supercharged" by Earth's warming climate.
But here is something you probably don't associate with allergies: thunderstorms.
Stanley Fineman, MD (president of the American College of Allergy, Asthma, and Immunology) reports that quite a few studies have linked thunderstorms to a greater incidence of asthma-related hospitalizations. The phenomenon even has a name—it's called "thunderstorm asthma," and physicians believe it has something to do with all the pollen and dust that thunderstorms stir up. Thunderstorms appear to be increasing in both frequency and severity. These trends are not likely to reverse themselves anytime soon, so it's time to arm yourself with some effective allergy fighters if you are one of the 60 million Americans afflicted."

How and Why Do Allergies Develop?   Read more at the link below:

Enormously Useful Allergy Treatment - With Virtually No Side Effects.   In this highly informative article Dr. Mercola outlines a totally clear and doable list of things to eliminate from your diet and environment.

There are suggestions for optimizing your health overall with "what to include" to support your immune system as well.  An excellent well researched and documented article. 


Saturday, August 20, 2011

Rick Perry Hurt Little Girls!

Rick Perry Hurt Little Girls!  Forcing adolescent girls to have vaccines while they are in their most tender developmental stage is criminal, morally.   And should be criminal in the law of this land.  Watch this video on You Tube and learn more:

"Uploaded by  on Aug 13, 2011
Gov Rick Perry knowingly lied and told Texas families that he had the power to force their 11 year old girls to take a vaccine that was killing people in the test trials. Perry was Merck's ace in the hole, now he will be their man in the White House if they have their way.

"Even in Japan around 10 kids died for the vaccine. That vaccine is for teenagers not for a baby. Teenagers don't die easily like a baby. The vaccine should be loaded with poisons. I heard the vaccines have some substance that those girls are going to be infertile, and also the substance to create cancer in the body. It is really scarely that those criminals still have chance to be a president to push more criminal agenda furthermore."
"Tell anyone you know who considers themselves a "family values conservative" that Rick Perry thinks 11 year old girls are sluts who need to be shot up with toxic drugs against their parents' wishes."

Rick Perry Hurt Little Girls!   All I can say is please watch this You Tube video. It is critical to your understanding of what this candidate for president is all about.

This Popular Supplement Can Spike Your Heart Attack Risk by 30%...

This Popular Supplement Can Spike Your Heart Attack Risk by 30%... Calcium supplements come in various forms.  Some are from dolomite, chalk, other mineral sources and seafood shells among many.  It is necessary to reassess the role of this nutrient in one's diet.

According to the study, as reported by Green Med Info:
“Calcium supplements ... increase the risk of cardiovascular events, especially myocardial infarction ... A reassessment of the role of calcium supplements in osteoporosis management is warranted.”
"For many years, the general medical industry has been pushing calcium supplements as your primary form of "insurance" against osteoporosis, reciting the mantra "calcium builds strong bones and teeth," far and wide.
Calcium is added to everything these days, from pasteurized milk to baby formula, orange juice, and boxed foods like breakfast cereals. And certainly, your body does need calcium. In fact, calcium from whole foods may even extend your lifespan.
But this is NOT the case for calcium supplements.

The belief that calcium is what builds strong bones is absolutely ingrained in our society, but has no basis in reality—calcium is but ONE of the many minerals your body needs for building strong bones. Calcium supplements have demonstrated little benefit, and here is one more piece of research suggesting they may increase your risk for a cardiovascular event.

This is just another example of marketing madness taking precedence over a deeper understanding of human biology, and why we need well-designed scientific studies before making blanket statements about any intervention. This isn't the first study to suggest your calcium supplement may be doing more harm than good."

            The Bottom Line
"One of the best ways to achieve healthy bones is by consuming a diet rich in fresh, raw whole foods that maximize natural minerals so that your body has the raw materials it needs to do what it was designed to do.
It's more likely your body can use calcium correctly if it's plant-derived calcium. Good sources include raw milk from pasture-raised cows (who eat the plants), leafy green vegetables, the pith of citrus fruits, carob, and wheatgrass, to name a few. It's worth mentioning that the studies done about calcium from dairy products are all done with pasteurized dairy, rather than raw dairy products that have more of their nutrients intact, and this muddies the results of these studies.   

You also need sources of silica and magnesium, which some researchers say is actually enzymatically "transmuted" by your body into the kind of calcium your bones can use. This theory was first put forth by French scientist Louis Kevran, a Nobel Prize nominee who spent years studying how silica and calcium are related.
Good sources of silica are cucumbers, bell peppers, tomatoes, and a number of herbs including horsetail, nettles, oat straw, alfalfa, and raw cacao, which is also extremely rich in highly bioavailable magnesium.
This Popular Supplement Can Spike Your Heart Attack Risk by 30%... Speaking for myself, I use sea source Pearlcium for calcium supplementation as it is "live" calcium.
I also supplement with Orgono Living Silica to carry it across the blood bone barrier.
And finally, CALM, a powdered magnesium form mixed in water and it is terrific.