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Sunday, August 7, 2011

Join the social media revolt against government raids on raw milk

Join the social media revolt against government raids on raw milk.  Sick of being a victim and a sheeple?  Here is one way to revolt against the tyranny of the governmental crazies called the FDA over a healthful, life supporting product called raw milk.  Don't believe it?  I can hardly believe it myself.  

Talk about utter stupidity on the part of the government and a total rip off of taxpayers money that would be better spent on getting jobs for people, and getting rid of big food corporations and chemical companies like Monsanto.  Yes, the very evil corporation who is killing us off with toxic chemicals in every thing we eat that is now genetically modified with rat crap organisms bio-engineered to make better crops. HA!  Talk about having one's head up one's nether regions!  That's our government for you.  I was raised on raw milk and still drink it if and when I can find it. I have NEVER suffered a single problem from doing so.  Never! 

"(NaturalNews) In conjunction with the Weston A. Price Foundation and the creators of the Farmageddon movie (, NaturalNews is spearheading an online social media revolt against the FDA's insidious assaults on raw milk and raw dairy farms. You can join in the revolution by tweeting the hash mark terms #rawesome and #Farmageddon as you post links to the stories, interviews and videos surrounding this case.
The term "Farmageddon" refers to the Farmageddon movie, which documents much of the current assaults on farms and food producers by the U.S. federal government. The FDA, in particular, is now waging all-out war
against farmers and raw dairy producers, spending millions of dollars on secret investigations, armed raids and the prosecution of "criminals" (raw dairy farmers).

"The #rawesome term refers to the recent armed raids on Rawesome Foods, conducted by the FDA, CDC and LA County Sheriff's office, which saw government thugs pouring raw milk down the drain, destroying cheese, confiscating watermelons and mangos, then arresting and charging the owner with felony crimes. (

A nearby farm was also raided at gunpoint. A representative of the Weston A. Price Foundation was also arrested and charged with conspiracy for plotting to promote unpasteurized milk."

"Please join in the online social media outrage against the government terrorists who are destroying our food, destroying our freedoms and declaring war on farmers and food sellers! Again, Tweet the following hash mark terms: #rawesome and #farmageddon as you link to the stories, interviews, videos and other elements of this campaign."

Some stuff you may wish to link to:



(August 4 show)

Join the social media revolt against government raids on raw milk.  With this world collapsing, our nation on the brink of complete financial collapse, crime rampant, people out of work, banks ripping people off,  Monsanto Chemical destroying our farmlands and the health of millions upon millions of people with their GM crops, the Nazis called the FDA are focusing their resources on harmless raw milk and produce.  This action by the FDA is utterly, completely insane. 

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