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Friday, August 12, 2011

Study: Grape compound may provide natural protection against skin cancer

Study: Grape compound may provide natural protection against skin cancer.  About 5 years ago I received a free jar of skin cream made of grape extract called Resveratrol. It was a strange purple color, but I thought, what the heck, I'll try it anyway.  Wow!  What a difference a jar of cream makes!  I tried to buy more of it, but it was a gift from a company who sold the capsules and was only a "freebee".  Disappointed, I searched online for another product that had absolutely zero chemicals in it as my skin is extremely sensitive to chemicals.  Finally I found one that is NOT purple, but is loaded with the amazing resveratrol.  Check at the end of this article to see the product's name and vendor site.  I highly recommend it.

"(NaturalNews) If you spend a lot of time in the sun, and are looking for a way to help naturally protect your skin from potential damage caused by sun exposure, new research published in the Journal of Agricultural and Food Chemistry just might have your answer. Scientists from the University of Barcelona (UB) and the Spanish National Research Council have found that flavonoids in grapes help to protect against skin cancer.

Contrary to popular belief, the sun is not evil, and the ultraviolet (UV) rays it emits are actually beneficial because they induce the natural production of vitamin D in the body. But too much sun exposure can obviously lead to damaging sunburn in some people, which may eventually cause melanoma and other forms of skin cancers.

But according to the study, antioxidants found in grapes apparently help prevent skin cells from being damaged or killed by excess sun exposure, effectively limiting its potentially harmful effects. Skin creams made with grape flavonoids, in effect, just might be the natural alternative to conventional sunscreens, as they could protect the skin against harm while also allowing the sun's UV rays to penetrate skin and produce vitamin D.

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The team did not indicate whether consuming grapes, wine, or other grape products provides the same benefits as topical applications appear to do. Many Mediterranean countries, however, where people spend a lot of time in the sun -- but that consume lots of grape products and also have low rates of skin cancer -- may itself be a testament to the power of grapes, among other things, in protecting the body against skin damage."

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Study: Grape compound may provide natural protection against skin cancer.  I have been using a wonderful, natural skin care product with grape extract trans-resveratrol in it for the past three years.

The product's name is:  VIRILIFE NATURALS, Night Repairing Cream with Coenzyme Q 10 and Resveratrol.  You can find it online at  I use their autoship each 60 days for that is how long one jar lasts.  The site also has a lot of other products that are excellent health supplements.   

NOTE:  ViriLife Naturals contain absolutely ZERO phthalates, parabens, propylene glycates, PEG, EDTA and a  host of other toxic chemicals found in skin care products all across the spectrum of companies who manufacture those hideously poisonous products.  

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