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Saturday, November 12, 2011

Fifty Percent of Americans Suffer from Silent Killer

Fifty Percent of Americans Suffer from Silent Killer.   One of the things I personally eliminated from my diet completely is all wheat products that contain gluten.  There are hundreds of articles on how toxic the current bio-engineered wheat grown contains 90% gluten! is.  Enlightened countries like Spain, India, The Netherlands and countless other European and Asian countries have refused Monsanto's poisonous GMO wheat and other grain seeds because they have seen the damage to the ecosystem and humanity.

Point being:  Getting rid of an allergen like gluten that causes your body to go into defensive mode and messes up your  blood sugar levels has also had the added  benefit of causing me to lose 27 pounds in 10 weeks.  Effortlessly.  I feel a million times better and have zero gastrointestinal problems that gluten caused me.  Plus the scale is my friend once again.

"ONE OF EVERY TWO of you have a deadly disease that’s making you fat sick and will kill you and 90% of you don’t even know you have it.
What’s worse is your doctor’s not trained how to find it and they are not even looking for it.
This problem will cost us $3.5 trillion over the next 10 years. It is bankrupting our economy. In 30 years 100% of our federal budget will be needed to pay for Medicare and Medicaid leaving nothing for education, defense, agriculture, roads or even social security.
So what am I talking about?
I’m talking about diabesity—the number one cause of obesity, heart disease, cancer, dementia and of course type 2 diabetes.
You might hear many terms used to describe this one basic phenomenon—a new epidemic of disordered biology and disease. It is the continuum of abnormal biology that ranges from mild insulin resistance to full-blown diabetes. We call it by many names. See if you recognize any of them:
  • Insulin resistance
  • Prediabetes
  • Metabolic syndrome
  • Obesity
  • Syndrome X
  • Adult-onset diabetes
  • Type 2 diabetes.
In truth, these are ALL essentially one problem with varying degrees of severity. The diagnosis and treatment of the underlying causes that drive all these conditions are actually the same.
That is why I use a more comprehensive term to describe these conditions—diabesity. Diabesity describes a continuum of disease from from optimal blood sugar balance to insulin sensitivity to full-blown diabetes. This biological imbalance is our modern plague. It affects 1 in 2 Americans and is the leading cause of most chronic disease in this country including type 2 diabetes, heart disease, stroke, dementia, and cancer, not to mention its leading role in weight gain and obesity.
Despite this fact, there are no national recommendations from the government or key organizations to advise screening and treatment of it, and most doctors don’t know how to properly diagnose it. The result is that 90 percent of the people who suffer from diabesity are left undiagnosed and untreated.
The instances of diabesity are increasing at an astonishing rate. 20 years ago when I started practicing medicine, not a single state in the nation had an obesity rate over 20 percent. Today, not a single state in the nation has an obesity rate under 20 percent. The prevalence of type 2 diabetes has tripled in since the 1980s. There are now 27 million diabetics in the country.
The question is, “Why?” Why are we facing a diabesity pandemic? Why are our current treatment approaches failing so miserably? And why is conventional medicine floundering when it comes to diagnosing the biggest health threat of our time?"

"Most medicine today is based on clear-cut, on-or-off, yes-or-no diagnoses that often miss the underlying causes and more subtle manifestations of illness. Most conventional doctors are taught that you have a disease or you don’t; you have diabetes or you don’t. There are no gray areas.

Practicing medicine this way is extremely misguided because it misses one of the most fundamental laws of physiology, biology, and disease: The continuum concept. There is a continuum from optimal health to hidden imbalance to serious dysfunction to disease. Anywhere along that continuum, we can intervene and reverse the process. The sooner we address it, the better.
For example, when it comes to diabesity most doctors just follow blood sugar, which actually rises very late in the disease process. If your blood sugar is 90 or 110, you don’t have diabetes. If it’s over 126, you do have diabetes. But these distinctions are completely arbitrary, and they do nothing to help treat impending problems."

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Fifty Percent of Americans Suffer from Silent Killer.  Dr. Hyman offers facts and
information to help guide you to a better place with your diabesity problems.   His blog is one of my favorites and he offers concrete research and references to help anyone who is dealing with this problem.

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