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Saturday, November 12, 2011

Southern Nevada Health District Raids Quail Hollow Organic Farm

Southern Nevada Health District Raids Quail Hollow Organic Farm.  Well, no surprise that the tyrannical government that we are forced to endure has placed us squarely in the category of police state in the USA.  Think we'll ever be free again?  
Not in this current chaos and madness that rules America today, thanks to corrupt politicians, government bureaucrats, bought and paid for FDA, Big Pharma and a host of other hateful agencies of the US Federal Government all paid for by secret manipulators of everything we know and do.   I can offer you a ton of resources to document and inform you.  Contact me.

I am forced to wonder how the super chefs on Food Network and Cooking Channel feel when they are such strong advocates of natural, organic foods.  

"Southern Nevada Health Inspector Mary Oakes under orders from Supervisor Susan LeBay formerly a pool inspector in 2005 visits Quail Hollow Farm on night of Farm To Fork Dinner October 21, 2011 in videos public online gallery.
Dear Fellow Farmers, Countrymen, and CSA Members:
Being American it hurts us to write these words: If we want the choice to choose to eat real food, we are going to have to fight for it.
We are Monte and Laura Bledsoe of Quail Hollow Farm in Overton, Nevada; a small, organic, sustainable CSA (Community Supported Agriculture) farm that feeds over 100 families in Southern Nevada. In addition to our CSA, we also serve 2 farmers markets each week and provide hands on training and teaching to interns and WWOOFer’s (World Wide Organization of Organic Farmers) who want to learn the skills of organic farming so that they in turn can run their own organic farms in the future.
Recently on our farm we invited over 100 guests to celebrate the bounty of the harvest with a 5-course dinner on the farm with food provided directly from the farm to their fork. While our guests were arriving a local health district employee arrived and deemed all of our food unfit and threatened police action against ourselves and our guests if we did not only throw out all of the food but to make it even unfit to feed our pigs we were ordered to pour bleach on it. The health district justified this with several reasons that are all arguable but one. The meat that was provided did not come from a government approved source.
That we are limited to purchase, supply and even to consume only government approved (USDA certified) meats that have co-mingled with countless other animals from countless other farms carrying countless numbers of contaminates is absolutely absurd! That we are not only unable to provide these foods to an educated public but are not able to make that choice for ourselves is absolutely despotic!
This incident as well as innumerable incidents like this throughout our “free” country is a call to action! If the heavy-handedness of our government officials concerns you please take the following actions.
1. Share this information and this video and others like this with all those who you know. Get them involved.
2. Know your county, state and federal laws.
3. Call your local, state and national representatives and tell them how you feel about the government intrusion into their personal food choices.
4. Eat & buy local! Support your local farmers and local economy by attending farmer’s markets and/or joining a local CSA (see Patronize stores and restaurants that use these local sources. Your dollar has more clout with Congress than your vote does!
5. Join the Farm to Consumer Legal Defense Fund ( are fighting for both farmers and consumers throughout the United States and Canada to preserve our food choices.
We want to personally thank each one of you for your interest in providing and consuming local, organic, sustainable food. It is important not only for the health and well being of our families, but for our communities and nation as well. Join us in this “Food Fight” to save one of our most basic freedoms!
“God bless us everyone!” (says Tiny Tim in Charles Dickens’ "Christmas Carol")
Signed, Monte and Laura Bledsoe, owners Quail Hollow Farm, October 26, 2011. "    

Southern Nevada Health District Raids Quail Hollow Organic Farm.  Above are several videos and a contact link immediately above to help with the legal defense fund for these innocent farmers.  Thank you.

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