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Saturday, January 14, 2012

Gluten Sensitivity: It's Real, So Why the Confusion?

Gluten Sensitivity:  It's real, so Why the Confusion?  "A host of new and ongoing research studies confirm that sensitivity or allergies to gluten is a serious health issue."  The article goes on to say: " overwhelming in it's confirmation of the condition, and the importance of it's implication to overall health.  Not just gut health, but even more so, brain and neurological health."

"Confusion and misunderstanding will often cause the patients to not accept the dietary recommendations with confidence, or at all.  Even after the patient has definitely tested positive for the gluten allergy or sensitivity, there is often resistance; the patient's recover is doomed to fail before it begins".

"...Google or Pub Med search on gluten and women, gluten and mood swings, gluten and the brain and nervous system, gluten and metabolism, gluten and bone loss, gluten and blood sugar , or even gluten and behavioral disorders", and it may become difficult to deny the connection between gluten and Celiac disease."

"...find a plethora of medically reviewed studies and journals relating gluten as an influence or trigger to schizophrenia, seizures, neuropathies, ADHD and autistic spectrum disorders, Alzheimer's, MS, migraines, nutritional anemias, bone loss, depression, anxiety, chronic fatigue, diabetes, fibromyalgia and more. "

Gluten Sensitivity:  It's real, so Why the Confusion?   This topic is very near to this writer.  I suffered for 40 years what was diagnosed as IBS.  All sorts of allergy tests didn't reveal an allergy to gluten. However, as the years went by, and the amount of gluten bio-engineered to be 90% grains and products saturated the market, it became a very serious problem for me.  

Any grain with gluten was now intolerable to me.  No more bread, pizza, noodles, pasta, all baked goods, most soups, and every munchable like crackers, and so forth.
It was a big adjustment, but I had no choice.  I found some gluten free munchies and other products at a local natural foods store, but much of the gluten free breads and pastry products were pretty bad.  That began my search for tasty and top notch gluten free products, as it was my new way of life.

 I learned during my research that we are eating GMO grains in all sorts of form.  Wheat, oats, corn, barley, soy, on and on are bio-engineered to be extremely high in gluten, (90%).    This is in opposition to the 30% gluten content in the grains of our younger years.  

Dealing with gluten intolerance became absolutely essential to me.   As anyone who exists with these intolerable and exhausting symptoms knows, the difficulty of trying to live a normal life with the limitations that these disorders impose, make each day misery.    

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