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Saturday, January 14, 2012

Searching for Yummy Gluten Free Foods Kinnikinnick Foods, Canada

Searching for Yummy Gluten Free Foods     Yep, this is my personal story on trying to find palatable, well, even decent gluten free foods that could replace those gluten loaded foods now forbidden forevermore.  

I shopped around and found some of the most tasteless drek imaginable.  Forget frozen pizzas and other gluten free products like breads.  Forget trying to find gluten free pastas, and if you do, try to find the one that won't disintegrate in the cooking water.  Little wonder people rebel against eating such stuff as I found myself grumbling a lot when I shopped.

One day, while rummaging through the frozen bread selections, I noticed a package of Kinnikinnick Foods Gluten Free English Muffins, so I thought, why not, they sure did look good in comparison to the other sorry excuses for breads and baked goods lining the freezer shelves.   

Next morning I decided to make my killer breakfast sandwich using a Kinnikinnick english muffin.  So I toasted it up and coated the two halves with butter.  
Then I fried up one egg over easy, loaded it onto a layer of melted cheese on top of a slice of sauteed ham, and covered with the muffin top. 

Cutting through it releases the soft flow of egg yolk that saturates the muffin, the melted cheese and ham.  Yum.  Indeed!

Next, thanks to Kinnikinnick Foods, I was able to sample their frozen individual pizza crusts, both thin and the thick variety.   I personally prefer the thicker crusts, and caution you to watch the cooking time carefully and do not exceed it.  

Then I sampled the sugar and spice donuts and maple glazed donuts that they do so very well.  A dense, almost "meaty" texture makes them a delight at breakfast, or as I love to do, make one a lovely addition to afternoon tea.  The rich texture of the Canadian maple makes this almost a candy like confection.  Delectable.  

Kinnikinnick Foods has many more products that are available online, and hopefully, as they expand their market to the local grocery stores, there will be a greater selection of gluten free foods from this company.  I have learned that there is an increasing demand for gluten free foods because so many people have developed allergies which are now being diagnosed properly.  

So, here is my special thank you to Kinnikinnick, Edmonton, Canada for the opportunity to sample some of your superb products.  I will recommend them to all.  As I have done herein.


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