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Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Disposable coffee cups, carryout containers filled with cancer-causing agent

Disposable coffee cups, carryout containers filled with cancer-causing agents is not a pleasant thought when starting a day with a chemical loaded  plastic or styrofoam cup of latte. Or, perhaps, the styrofoam container that holds carry out lunch or dinner. The more I research these food issues, the sicker I feel as I realize that we are guinea pigs for corporations who care nothing about consumer health and well being.  Including their own health and that of their families'.  Just about everyone in this country drinks out of styrofoam at some point in time.

(NaturalNews) Millions of people eat and drink from plastic and styrofoam cups and containers every single day, and the US government now admits that many of these consumer products contain known cancer-causing agents. The formaldehyde preservatives found in many disposable coffee cups and foam take-out containers, as well as styrene, another chemical additive used in such products, have both been added to the federal government's list of known or suspected carcinogens.

You can read the full report, entitled 12th Report on Carcinogens, here:

The chemical industry was quick to denounce the findings, of course, claiming that there is no significant danger from exposure to these chemicals. And some federal officials seem to be kowtowing to this pressure by telling the public that the main concern is the industrial use of these chemicals, rather than consumer use. Even the American Cancer Society (ACS) has urged the public not to worry about continuing to use plastic cups or foam containers, despite the fact that many are loaded with some of the chemicals in question.

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Talk about denial!  It is dismaying that the American Cancer Society is enabling the continuation of this problem.  Disposable coffee cups, carryout containers filled with cancer-causing agent.  Very disappointing, but not surprising.

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