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Saturday, June 25, 2011

This "Miracle Health Food" Has Been Linked to Brain Damage and Breast Cancer - SOY!

This "Miracle Health Food" Has Been Linked to Brain Damage and Breast Cancer.  Oh Goodie!  Pass me the soy bar and a glass of soy milk.  Recall those TV commercials that show a young woman joyously twirling around with a soy bar in her hand while music plays and her eye rolling, grinning face suggests she is over the moon happy to be eating it?   Read Dr. Mercola's article, link below, and see for yourself the obvious connection between unfermented, genetically modified soy products and a host of diseases listed therein. Including breast cancer.

"If you were to carefully review the thousands of studies published on soy, I strongly believe you would reach the same conclusion as I have—which is, the risks of consuming unfermented soy products FAR outweigh any possible benefits.

"For centuries, Asian people have been consuming fermented soy products such as natto, tempeh, and soy sauce, and enjoying the health benefits. Fermented soy does not wreak havoc on your body like unfermented soy products do.
Unfortunately, many Americans who are committed to healthy lifestyles have been hoodwinked and manipulated into believing that unfermented and processed soy products like soymilk, soy cheese, soy burgers and soy ice cream are good for them."

"Dr. Kaayla Daniel, author of The Whole Soy Story, points out thousands of studies linking soy to malnutrition, digestive distress, immune-system breakdown, thyroid dysfunction, cognitive decline, reproductive disorders and infertility—even cancer and heart disease.
Here is just a sampling of the health effects that have been linked to soy consumption:"
"Soy proponents will argue that soy-based foods (they lump the fermented ones with the unfermented) will protect you from everything from colon, prostate and breast cancer to strokes, osteoporosis, and asthma.  But said enthusiasts never mention the studies that illuminate soy’s downside and all of the dangers posed to your health, which are based on sound research."

"91 percent of soy grown in the US is genetically modified (GM). The genetic modification is done to impart resistance to the toxic herbicide Roundup. While this is meant to increase farming efficiency and provide you with less expensive soy, the downside is that your soy is loaded with this toxic pesticide. The plants also contain genes from bacteria that produce a protein that has never been part of the human food supply."

"GM soy has been linked to an increase in allergies. Disturbingly, the only published human feeding study on GM foods ever conducted verified that the gene inserted into GM soy transfers into the DNA of our gut bacteria and continues to function. This means that years after you stop eating GM soy, you may still have a potentially allergenic protein continuously being produced in your intestines."

This "Miracle Health Food" Has Been Linked to Brain Damage and Breast Cancer should turn people off to soy products permanently.  Considering that "91% of soy grown in the US is Genetically Modified", and loaded with pesticides and bacteria that should NEVER be in any kind of food, EVER, may help people dedicated to a healthy lifestyle rethink this topic entirely.

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