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Saturday, June 25, 2011

Exposed - The dirty little secret of the meat industry - MEAT GLUE! from pig blood plasma

Exposed - The dirty little secret of the meat industry.  This article makes me so sick to my stomach that I can hardly bear to think about the burgers and sausages and maybe even steaks or roasts that I have purchased and consumed.  The Food Industry is so full of corruption and deceit, there is no way that I will believe their claims of food safety any longer.  The only way to guarantee you are getting real beef is to raise the steer, butcher it and use it knowing the source and exactly what you are eating.  Forget trusting your local grocery store.  Most likely they are also kept in total ignorance of this vile practice.

"(NaturalNews) Are you eating meat cemented together by "meat glue"? It may sound shocking and far-fetched to most people, but a recent news story covered by the Australian Today Tonight show unveils how the meat you're eating could be made up of scraps glued together to form a deceptively "normal" piece of meat."

"Just as big pharma supplies dangerous substances to countless people worldwide, the meat industry may not be far behind in such nefarious deeds. Using a special product called "meat glue", meat suppliers have been caught using meat scraps, too small to sell, to create normal sized portions of meat for distribution. This misleading sales tactic is so effective that even experts can't tell the difference between a regular piece of meat and a piece of meat tainted with "meat glue".
What exactly is "meat glue"?"

"Meat glue is an enzyme known as transglutaminase. According to the report, many meat glues are created by cultivating bacteria. As shocking as it may sound, other meat glues are made from the blood plasma of pigs and cows, specifically the coagulant that makes blood clot. This "special enzyme" is so toxic that people working with the product must use masks as to not breathe it in. If meat suppliers are allowed to put it in our meat for us to eat, why can't they breathe it in?"

Exposed - The dirty little secret of the meat industry.  I wonder how many illnesses that people are dealing with now that confound doctors and baffle scientists are due to the filthy dealings of the food industry?  Such horrific practices that includes putting pig blood and other contaminants into "meats" such as this article outlines.  As stated above, the transglutaminase is so toxic that workers in the food plants can't breathe it in!  Just think of the viruses, bacteria, and other diseases from cross contamination of feeding cattle "reprocessed" chicken feces as food (see my blog article on this) that we are blithely eating, while thinking our food is safe.  

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