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Saturday, October 15, 2011

Gluten and Lectin Intolerance, Allergy, Sensitivity Part 1 My Journey

 Gluten and Lectin Intolerance, Allergy, Sensitivity.  Part 1 of 2  This is my journey 
discovering the havoc that gluten and lectin cause within the human body.
The resource section is in Part 2.  I hope you will take the time to read 
the links within that take you to the supportive documentation for this topic.

I would like to start out by reminding us of a trueism:  As your body ages and
 changes, physical reactions to foods, chemicals, heat, cold and so on also age
 and change. 

 For example; the difficulty of sensing and tolerating heat/cold ambient 
temperatures, especially in older people is due to aging thermo-receptors 
in the brain.  

Along with the physiological changes in nervous and skeletal system and structure, are a constellation of what seems like "sudden onset" of allergy like symptoms that appear from a host of sources.  

Consider these:
The heavily toxic, chemical and radiation loaded environment we are forced to
 live in has become increasingly poisonous since the Fukushima nuclear reaction burnouts.  

Our air, ground, water, foods, animals raised for consumption are 
all loaded with chemicals, and plutonium, etc. which we are forced to eat.

Secondly:  The poisonous, bioengineered foods that Monsanto Chemical has 
forced upon the world has had devastating effects upon the soil and 
ecosystems of:

 Africa, India, farmlands all across America, Spain, all of the UK, many, many
 countries worldwide.

Here is my post on death dealing, toxic effects of GMO organisms on human, 
plant,  animal, soil, environment.

Europeans are wide awake to the catastrophe of GMO foods, and refuse to use them.  The UK and Germany, along with India and other Asian countries are refusing to use GMO seeds.  Read this post about India's lawsuit below:

The Rule of Big Pharma on our bodies and health.  Or lack thereof.  This is a whole 'nuther smoke, so to speak, and I will address that topic in a later post.

Bottom Line:  From just the few sources above, and not even considering the stress factors of life, toxic politicians, corrupt bankers, wall street and so on, we are fighting the battle for our lives.   Since we must eat to survive, and given little if any choice on whether or not we eat bio-engineered food given we can afford to, organic is the only choice.  Still, with the nuclear fall out in the mix, that brings up a host of new questions.

 In simple terms:  Survival.

Which brings me to Gluten and Lectin intolerance, allergy and sensitivity.

Long ago, wheat was grown with a low gluten level of around 30-35%.  Using 
natural seeds and organic farming back then,  I never had a single problem
with gluten intolerance.   Up until about 20 years ago, then things began to change.

At first I thought it was merely aging.  But, I found that the symptoms I was 
beginning to experience were very uncomfortable.  I was not able to identify 
the causative factor or factors.  
So I carried on with wheat products unaware of the consequences, at least on
 a conscious level.  I swear to you, at times I thought my gut was 
rumbling "Dammit!" pay attention!  What your feeding me sucks!

As time went on, allergies and allergy symptoms increased and it became 
such that I was frequently overwhelmed and constantly sick.  
The more I ate bread - for which I had a craving - (part of the allergic pattern
 is that the offending food becomes an "addiction") the worse my symptoms
 became.  So too with peanut butter.

 AND, I was gaining weight and constantly bloated, with all the misery that
 an irritable colon can torture you with and STILL I wasn't totally paying 
attention.  Yet.

Please go to part two for rest of post and resource links. 

End of Part 1. Gluten and Lectin Intolerance, Allergy, Sensitivity.

See Part 2 Balance of post and resources on gluten and lectin intolerance, allergy and sensitivity.   Below is the link: 

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