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Saturday, October 15, 2011

Gluten and Lectin Intolerance, Allergy, Sensitivity Part 2 My Journey

Continued from part one link here:

Gluten, lectin intolerance, allergy and sensitivity.  Part 2

Finally, my research began to bear fruit as more and more articles on the topic of gluten and lectin intolerance, allergy and sensitivity appeared in the media. 
 I learned that GMO seeds for wheat and other grains like soy, oat, so on, have been forced upon farmers, like it or not.  Farmers are now growing wheat with a 90% gluten content.   It is one of the major contributing factors emerging in the epidemic of obesity that is clearly apparent in our society.  Another factor is too much sugar like high fructose corn sugar that has screwed up the pancreas and liver of countless people addicted to sodas, and other foods with that corn sugar in it.  So you have a weakened liver, unable to process all the chemicals, fats, sugars, gluten, lectin and other toxic substances sensible and insensible.  

Pile on toxic environments, on every level, body, mind, spirit, soul, and you have
 a melting pot of very, very sick people emerging and overwhelming the medical community's ability to handle it.
Plus the insurance liabilities we all carry in this global society. 

 Little wonder that no one has ever been able to grapple with and master 
the issue of health care for all.  How could one in an ever changing landscape
of illnesses and disasters that create new illnesses as part of our "routine" 
daily news fare.  

In any event, as I measured what I had learned and evaluated how I was  becoming increasingly ill and symptomatic over the years as Monsanto's GMO " wheat" caused me to have allergies and asthma like symptoms including find my lungs to fill up
 to the point of feeling like I was drowning every time I ate wheat and oats.
 Additionally,  terrible gastrointestinal symptoms made me miserable and
 constantly in search of facilities which limited my social life greatly.

With lectin intolerance I found that eating peanut butter, whether organic or not 
caused my joints and body to hurt so badly,  and my knees and wrists became 
swollen and hot.  At times I could only hobble due to the pain and spasms that
lectin caused my body to experience.  I also found I could not eat any kind of
 legume and most kinds of nuts were also excluded.  

This is when I entered warp speed to discover what the hades was happening to me, and how to fix it.

Thanks to the brilliant articles, cited below, by health writers such as Dr. Joseph Mercola and Mike Adams, the Health Ranger, that address both gluten and lectin intolerance, I was able to change the course of my health in a short period of time.

I immediately stopped eating any wheat products, including soups which use
 wheat as thickeners. I read every package of food before buying it. 
 Within 1 week from eliminating all gluten and lectin containing foods from 
my diet, I was nearly asymptomatic.  My body no longer felt like it was burning
 up inside (gluten causes this allergic reaction of heat); my lungs were 
clear and my allergies nearly absent.

A bonus of this new gluten and lectin free diet is an effortless weight loss of
 19 pounds in two months.  I wasn't even trying.  Gone was the inflammation
 and the consequent insatiable hunger created by food intolerance and 
allergy to a food.  My body no longer felt a bit of the "feeding frenzy" response.   

Out the door went all wheat products except for organically grown pastas manufactured in Italy.  Their wheat gluten content is not bio-engineered, and 
I cook the pasta for my husband who is OK with low gluten foods.  
Personally, I use gluten free pasta now.  Not great, but I recently found one
 by a Japanese organic noodle manufacturer whose product seems
 to have it nailed.  Their rice pastas are the best.

Now, on the matter of finding gluten free bread that looks and tastes good is a
Add in the gnarly factor of high prices for tiny little loaves of nearly tasteless 
stuff is outrageous.  I have a bread maker and a sack of gluten free brown 
rice flour, xantham gum which acts like gluten, and a bunch of spices, cheese,
herbs and so forth to make a bangin' loaf of bread.   I hope.

Speaking of which, I wish Food Network or the Cooking  Channel would
 have a show on gluten free foods, especially baking.     

I have posted a number of articles on this site from the two outstanding 
resources for food truth and lies,  both Dr. Joseph Mercola and Mike Adams 
the Health Ranger. 

 I cite many other authorities on natural and alternative health, because
 they are truly in the Vanguard of changing the mind set of people and point 
us all toward natural healing and careful nutrition.  These many heroes 
of medicine and natural healing are offering options to the failure of traditional medicine and their toxic drugs. The iatrogenic death rates of people in 
reaction to the drugs they were prescribed to "heal" them ended up killing
 them is astonishing.

Some might say I like to "shake the trees" a little.  As a professional 
registered nurse and critical care clinician, I have a solid, albeit wrenching
 background in the "trenches" of ICUs. Also contributing to my mischief is my background as a psychologist and nutritional researcher and consultant
 for nearly 40 years. 

This provides me context and intent for adding my voice in praise or
 opposition to what is happening in the food world today.  

Being a guinea pig at the mercy of Monsanto just "fries my circuits", I tell ya!

Here are some articles on gluten and lectin intolerance from my archive on this site:

Gluten and Lectin Intolerance, Allergy, Sensitivity.  There are many more
 topics on this blog that speak to other chemicals that are killing us off, 
including fluoride, MSG, canola oil, pig blood in the meat we consume.  

The absolute grossest is the article on human feces recycled into
 "poop burgers" created by a Japanese scientist.  Ya gotta wonder!  

  I hope to have brought some significant issues to your attention.  

Thanks.  Kathleen

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