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Saturday, October 8, 2011

More Expensive than Organic Food - But it Poisons You

More Expensive than Organic Food - But it Poisons You.  Organic Foods is the only healthy way to eat in our modern world.  This outstanding article covers a great deal of the science and offers action through a Facebook link.  

The Clock is Ticking--Swift Action is Required

Scientists, as well as common sense, warn us that a public health Doomsday Clock is ticking. Within a decade, diet and environment-related diseases, including obesity, diabetes, heart disease, and cancer-heavily subsidized under our Big Pharma/chemical/genetically engineered/factory farm system-will likely bankrupt Medicare and the entire U.S. health care system.
Likewise, environmental chaos and oil shortages, unless we act quickly, will soon severely disrupt industrial agriculture and long-distance food transportation, leading to massive crop failures, food shortages, famine, war, and pestilence.
In the food sector, we cannot continue to hand over 88% of our consumer dollars to out-of-control, chemical-intensive, energy-intensive, polluting corporations and "profit at any cost" retail chains. The growth of the Organic Alternative is literally a matter of survival. The question then becomes how (and how quickly) can we move healthy, organic, and "natural" products from a 12% market share, to becoming the dominant force in American food and farming. This is a major undertaking, one that will require a major transformation in public consciousness and policy, but it is doable, and absolutely necessary.
Before we set our sights on making organic and "transition to organic" the norm, rather than the alternative, we need to take a closer, more critical look at the $50 billion annual natural food and products industry. How natural is the so-called natural food in our local market, coop, or grocery store? Is the "natural" sector moving our nation toward an organic future, or has it degenerated into a "green washed" marketing tool, disguising unhealthy and unsustainable food and farming practices as alternatives. Is "natural" just a marketing ploy to sell conventional-unhealthy, energy-intensive, and non-sustainable food and products at a premium price?

Your Action Plan

GMO Awareness Week
By educating the public about the risks of GM foods through a massive education campaign, and launching a ballot initiative in California for 2012 which will require mandatory labeling of genetically engineered foods and food ingredients, our plan is to generate a tipping point of consumer rejection to make GMOs a thing of the past. Several organizations, including, the Organic Consumers Association, the Institute for Responsible Technology, and even the Environmental Working Group (who produced the Dining in the Dark video above) are getting actively involved. But we do need your help. 

More Expensive than Organic Food - But it Poisons You.   Whatever way you can avoid consuming GMO foods will help you retain your health.  The science of how destructive they are is now conclusive.  And the lie that organic foods are more expensive has been refuted herein.

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