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Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Just 1 Single Drop of This Would Poison a Lake Enough to Ban Fishing on It - Mercury

Just 1 Single Drop of This Would Poison a Lake Enough to Ban Fishing on It...  Twenty five years ago, my physician told me to get rid of all the mercury amalgams in my mouth or suffer the consequences of neurological and other types of damage to my body.  I listened. It took 10 years to get those fillings out since you have to pace yourself due to the toxic dump of poison from the mercury into your system when they are extracted.  I did vinegar baths (1 qt. apple cider vinegar to a bathtub full of hot water), and following each dental visit, I did exactly that and prevented a lot of physical problems simply by detoxing myself with one of the old "grandma" type remedies. It works.  Totally.

"Although the battle with the FDA rumbles on, we are whittling away at the barriers to progress, "hitting them upside the head" repeatedly with facts they can't deny. And we have no plans of letting up!

This issue is just too important, too critical to your health and the long-term health of your children.
Mercury is a potent heavy metal toxin that can poison your brain, central nervous system and kidneys.
It is one serious toxin and it personally severely damaged my kidneys when I had my amalgam fillings improperly removed 17 years ago.
Children and fetuses, whose brains are still developing, are most at risk, but really anyone can be impacted.
In fact, just one drop of mercury in a lake would poison the lake to the extent that the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) would ban it from fishing.
Yet, unbelievably, they let you carry around a mouthful of this toxic metal and would have you believe it somehow loses its capacity to do harm if installed in your teeth.The average person in the U.S. has eight amalgam fillings. Clearly, this is no small problem and calls for urgent action."

"The FDA has long been the world's number one protector of mercury fillings, and the U.S. is lagging behind the rest of the world, and even behind some third world countries, in protecting its citizens from this toxic product:

Mercury fillings in the teeth of someone who dies actually pose a risk to the living. Emissions from the combustion of mercury fillings during cremation are a significant contaminator of air, waterways, soil, wildlife and food. Seven to nine metric tons of mercury per year escapes into the atmosphere during cremations, and it is estimated that, left unchecked, crematoria will be the largest single cause of mercury pollution by 2020. Sweden now mandates that all mercury fillings be removed prior to cremation for this very reason.
When you factor in environmental costs and cleanup costs, amalgam is actually the MOST EXPENSIVE dental material in the world!
It makes perfect sense to approach legislative change regarding amalgams from the environmental perspective, which is why the mercury treaty has made environmental cleanup its central focus."

Just 1 Single Drop of This Would Poison a Lake Enough to Ban Fishing on It.  If you value the health of your family, particularly your infants and children, do something about this problem.

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