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Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Mustard compound helps build muscle, increase strength and performance

Mustard compound helps build muscle, increase strength and performance.  What baffles my mind is the disconnect of modern medicine, the FDA, and Big Pharma to natural means of healing.  The use of herbs, plants, and so on when used in their natural state, are far more powerful than the chemicals the drug companies foist onto unsuspecting patients who then later either suffer horrific side effects or die.  Sure they know about these natural herbs, seeds, like mustard, and so on, but GREED and DECEITFUL PRACTICES by Big Pharma, enabled by the Federal Government are killing off our population at alarming rates.  IMO, it's like the "blind leading the blind" when it comes to the practice of medicine in this country today. 

Physicians "bought" by Big Pharma companies, LIE IN THEIR REPORTS ON DRUG SAFETY.  Physicians in private practice are constantly found remiss as they shovel pills at patients with little or no explanation of what they are, why and how they work, and the side effects to anticipate. 

 I know from personal experience this perilous route.  The stories I could tell you would shock you, and even though I am an educated person, specializing in health care and nutrition, these mishaps still shock me. 
 Especially after being hospitalized near death from the nearly catastrophic effects of an antibiotic.

" (NaturalNews) The simple mustard plant and its seeds have been in the news a lot lately because of their ever-expanding list of known health benefits. And yet another new study has found that mustard and certain types of vegetables naturally contain a steroid-like compound that can help increase appetite, promote the development of muscle mass, and boost overall athletic performance.

Bodybuilders, aging individuals with wasting muscles, and even just young- or middle-aged people looking to bulk up often start out experimenting with a variety of muscle-building powders and supplements with the hope that these will help to improve performance and promote muscle growth. Many of these products do, of course, work as intended when combined with exercise and weight-lifting -- but now it may be even easier to build muscle just by eating the right foods."

"Besides promoting muscle growth and improved strength, mustard also helps alleviate migraine headaches and prevent cancer. It is also a powerful anti-fungal and antiseptic compound."  

Mustard compound helps build muscle, increase strength and performance.  The use of mustard and mustard seeds is an ancient "cure" that was used by my grandparents during the winter.   Their "mustard pack" was a "go to remedy" as they called it. 
 When we had colds and flu it was the first thing placed on chests to break up the congestion in the lungs.

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