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Sunday, December 25, 2011

Auto Profit Machine is a bait and switch scam. Do NOT GO NEAR IT.

I am warning everyone I know to avoid like the plague the internet marketing program called Auto Profit Machine, created by some guy named Max Steigmeier or some such. 

Do NOT go near this program.  This is a typical  bait and switch program.  The guy drags around his "consciousness" of God, and blah, blah, blah.  He promises that there is a one time fee of $50.00 to "join" and that you need no sponsoring, no learning curve, and basically you don't have to do a thing to collect massive paydays passively.

It is some sort of scam akin to a forced matrix four level deep wherein you get 70% of the commissions generated by others who sign up under you. The other 30% is filtered down to others and it goes on and on and on.   The concept is what hooked me in the beginning.  That is, until I read all the material involved and realized that unless you market heavily, as I did with You Tube Videos and posts daily on my FB and Twitter accounts, you are screwed.  I let it play out for three weeks while I had the flu and watched my investment go - NOWHERE.  Not one single penny.

Read this report at the following link:

THEN, the pressure starts:  

Here is how it went for me:  I received a referral from a trusted Internet Marketer names Brian Charles, inviting me to sign up for $50.00, because he thinks the program is the next best thing to sliced bread.

Once you have committed yourself to the one time fee (HA!) as above,  you are then continually hounded by sales calls, text messages, promises of bonuses and more blathering, but you MUST attend his next call to get the "special bonuses".   

Upon doing so, you find yourself bombarded, literally, with more lies, upsells and "bonuses" which are nothing more than bait to get you to sign up.  It keeps going in circles.

The bonuses are worthless.  As I found out.  HOWEVER, you can pay Max an additional $200. to buy into  his ever changing numbers of how many are on his mailing list.  HA!  First he pitches his million plus mailing list, then it slides down to 800K mailing list.  He shows screen shots of income from an entirely different program and, without saying directly, he sneakily implies they are from Auto Profit Machine. 

If you are stupid enough to pay him an additional $200. to be on his select mailing list to his ??? (fill in the numbers)  I was not stupid to pay him another penny on pure speculation, with zero income on my investment.   Also relevant to me, since I am a member of a specific internet marketing forum which has genuine, honest programs and people, with photos, who create them,  is the fact that  "Max" has no "face" you can see.   

Then there is the issue of a REFUND.  Just TRY getting one.   I have watched this scam go nowhere for 23 days,  and I requested a refund.  FOUR times to date.   What do you get in return?   More lies and a copy of their refund policy issued from the ZenDesk which is allegedly the support arm of this "program".  

Any true internet marketer KNOWS bone deep that when a customer asks for a refund, you give it to them.  Period.     So I have had to go to PayPal and file a claim against this fraudulent business.  BEWARE.  DO NOT BUY INTO THE LIES of his so called profit screen shots, they are not even valid for the site.

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