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Sunday, December 25, 2011

Molly Dolly Saved My Life - Flu

Hello Everyone:  It's Christmas Day, 2011 for many people, and I am shocked and grateful to be alive today.  You see, like countless other Americans who are smart enough to research and learn the depth of duplicity about the poisonous side effects of flu shots, so loudly trumpeted by the government, and Big Pharma, the lying FDA, and other governmental goon agencies, I absolutely REFUSE to allow them into my body.    

Dr. Joseph Mercola, and countless other natural health advocates, have published hundreds of articles warning ALL of us about the toxic, killer flu shots that are loaded with mercury and other bio-engineered poisons.  Worldwide, those "flu" shots have been proven to be worthless, and for older people, literally one way to be killed off.

So, with all that in mind, and despite extreme care using surgical level hand washing technique (I am a retired Critical Care Registered Nurse), I still got the flu, all thanks to a little kid sneezing in my face while in I was standing in line at the grocery store.  

Desperately ill, I could not hold anything in or down.  I became extremely dehydrated and ended up with cardiac arrythmias and profound debilitation which required IVs to rehydrate me, and homeopathics to cure the flu, from my most excellent physician, Dr. Corazon Ibarra, at BioIntegrative Health Center International, located in Reno, Nevada.   

During the three weeks I have spent in bed recovering, I have had a constant bed companion called Molly Dolly, a tiny, sweet, little runt of a cat whose life I saved after my husband rescued her near death at two days old.  She never left my side except to use the cat litter box and to eat.   My husband was a wonderful support and made sure all matters that I normally handle were done before he left for work.  He also made sure that Molly got extra treats to thank her for her "nursing duties", such as they were.

Several times, I felt my heart stop in my chest.   Molly Dolly stood with her tiny little paws on my chest and walked up and down on it.  She constantly monitored my breathing, and would bump me repeatedly to awaken when she thought I needed to get something to drink.  One night, during the most violent part of the flu where vomiting would NOT stop,  she and another cat named Frosti positioned themselves next to my body on each side, purred without stopping,  and never left me until I was able to sit up at last without passing out.  

This is what I consider the greatest gift anyone could possibly receive, no matter if it is Christmas or whatever.  The undying, unconditional, non judgmental, total acceptance that only animals can give humans.   No greedy grasping for gifts, or carrying on like
crazy people because they didn't get what they wanted.  Nope.  Just free, generous and selfless love.

Molly Dolly sleeps with her tiny paws on my arm, or snuggled up next to me when I have had relapses, which, now, thankfully are past.  She "monitors" me constantly.
Do animals feel emotions?  Oh, yeah!  Molly's one little eye, which was ruined when someone poured engine oil on the mother and litter mates to suffocate them, was filled with moisture all the time during her duties as my "nurse".    She watched my every move and followed me from room to room when I was able to walk.   Try and find that kind of devotion, or even interest from humans, no matter how connected you are, and you will find yourself face to face with a wall of self interest, superficial concern and lots of phony platitudes by and large.   NEVER will you find the level of love and devotion that I received from my Molly Dolly, unless you pay for it from professional health providers.    The honest part of that is you know what you are paying for, and that it is exactly as it is.

Someone had the gall to judge my experience and then tell me I was bitter.  Seriously.  That's the compassionless attitude that I am referring to when I speak of typical human responses.

My reaction to their B.S. is this:  how could I be bitter about anything when I have been given one of God's little angels in feline form there to love me well.

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