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Thursday, December 1, 2011

Study finds connection between prenatal exposure to BPA and aggression during toddler years

Study finds connection between prenatal exposure to BPA and aggression during toddler years.  I am also wondering about the BPA in plastic baby bottles and the linings of any canned foods given to babies and toddlers.  This is an issue that every young parent should totally take to heart.   BPA damage is only beginning to surface and be understood.  Yet, the Federal Government continues to lie and deny in the face of hard scientific proof to refute their support of BPA.  Yep, just another day in crazy country.

"(NaturalNews) Researchers from the Harvard University School of Public Health have made a disturbing new discovery about the plastics chemical bisphenol-A (BPA). It turns out that prenatal BPA exposure can spur aggressive and undesirable behaviors in girls after they are born and reach their toddler years.

"Published in the journal Pediatrics, the study analyzed a group of 244 mothers and their three-year-old daughters living in the Cincinnati, Oh., area. The study team gathered and studied gestational and childhood BPA exposures using urine samples from the mothers, and compared various exposure levels among the children to their respective behavioral profiles.

"The team discovered that for each ten-fold increase in gestational BPA exposure levels, young girls exhibited significantly more indicators of anxiety and depression than their less- or non-exposed counterparts. Young girls exposed to high BPA levels were also more emotionally disturbed than the others and had a more difficult time controlling their inhibitions.
"The National Institute of Environmental Health Sciences and the US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) jointly funded the study as part of an investigation into the safety of BPA.

"Parents should be concerned about these findings," says study author Joe Braun.  As the mothers concentration of BPA rose, the girls born to those mothers had higher scores on these behavior problem indices. If pregnant women or parents are concerned about exposure to BPA, they can try to reduce it by limiting their exposure to canned foods and packaged foods."

"Both the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) and the American Chemistry Council (ACC), however, continue to insist that BPA is safe, despite the plethora of scientific data showing that the chemical is harmful."

Study finds connection between prenatal exposure to BPA and aggression during toddler years.  Are you surprised in the least that this is the governmental stance? 

In the face of their endorsement of the "safety" of GMO "frankenfood" seeds
 that Monsanto Chemical has, without the slightest bit of conscience, 
created, in service to their monumental greed?  

First, I must digress to another issue for it mirrors the issue with BPA: 
Look at what is now coming full circle as the facts of the damage that GMO frankenfoods have done to humans, wild and domestic animals, decimation 
of the bee population, and even greater damage to the environment. 

Ecosystems are collapsing under the burden of  toxins from GMO crops 
and chemical farming that has rendered their soil lifeless of even insects
so necessary to build soil nutrients.   

Therefore, faced with this crystal clear, outright deception by the government 
that there is no danger to life, land, blah, blah, by frankenfood crops,
the issue of BPA toxicity is hardly a concern to the Federal Government!  Thankfully, countries like Spain, France, Germany and others
 in Europe and Asian countries are refusing to grow GMO seeds and crops.   
I have published many articles on these topics earlier this year.

So, if you are as concerned as I am, here is a start with the BPA issue.  We can
build the hope that it will generalize into the public consciousness.   Don't you 
just LOVE to be lied to, manipulated and treated like human garbage by your own government?  

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