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Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Fluoride consumption leads to brain damage, says study

Fluoride consumption leads to brain damage, says study. I learned about the dangers of Fluoride from my homeopathic physician about 25 years ago, and stopped using any products that contained it and stopped drinking tap water except when out to dine in restaurants where there is no choice.   I have suffered no dental problems due to the lack of fluoride.  Here is the latest news on this issue.

"(NaturalNews) It is becoming increasingly difficult for fluoride fanatics to defend the practice of artificial water fluoridation, thanks to a plethora of new reports highlighting its many dangers. A new study published in the journal Neurologia reveals that chronic exposure to, and ingestion of, the synthetic fluoride chemicals added to water supplies can cause serious brain and neurological damage. Confirming several others recently published, the study further exposes the lunacy of deliberately adding toxic chemicals to the water supply in the name of saving teeth."

"The prolonged ingestion of fluoride may cause significant damage to health and particularly the nervous system," write researchers Valdez-Jiminez, et al. in their report. "Fluoride is capable of crossing the blood-brain barrier, which may cause biochemical and functional changes in the nervous system during pregnancy, since the fluoride accumulates in brain tissue before birth."

"There simply is no denying the deadly truth about fluoride anymore. Ample evidence is continually being released that exposes fluoride as a highly-toxic chemical poison, and even the US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) admits that fluoride is a toxin. The US Centers for Disease Control (CDC) also initiated damage control recently by lowering its fluoridation recommendations following the release of studies showing that fluoride harms children ("

"It's apparent that fluorides have the ability to interfere with the functions of the brain," says the US National Research Council's (NRC) expert fluoride panel. "Fluorides also increase the production of free radicals in the brain through several different biological pathways. These changes have a bearing on the possibility that fluorides act to increase the risk of developing Alzheimer's disease."

 Fluoride consumption leads to brain damage, says study.  In my humble opinion, taking fluoride out of your "food chain" is the most sensible approach to long term health, particularly neurological health.  The truth of the matter is this: fluoride is toxic.  Why would anyone want to consume poison?

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