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Thursday, July 7, 2011

If the food supply collapsed tomorrow, how would you feed your family?

Be Prepared Not Scared - Food Security.  Considering the world events, and some would say, "global warming" effect, it is clear that our food supplies are suffering from environmental and corporate damage.  I could write paragraphs on this topic, but this article by Mike Adams of Natural News says everything I think and feel about this topic.

 "Learn the best-kept secrets of food preparedness and security (storing, growing, sprouting, harvesting, bartering and more) with the Health Ranger and Robert Scott Bell

"Few people fully realize the precarious nature of our modern food supply. Based on long supply lines, cheap oil, chemical additives and just-in-time logistics, today's food supply is more fragile than you might think. Just one serious disruption -- a nuclear accident, natural disaster, crop disease or GMO catastrophe -- could bring the global food supply crashing down, ending in sky-high food prices coupled with mass starvation in developing nations.

Even without the possibility of disasters, food inflation is on the rise, with wholesale food prices now skyrocketing 30% a year according to the United Nations. And that means food prices are set to double every 2.5 years, making many food staples unaffordable for an increasing number of people.

At the same time all this is happening, global food production is based on a completely unsustainable model of exploiting both freshwater aquifers and cheap fossil fuels. China and India have already issued urgent warnings about their dwindling water supplies, and in the United States, the Ogallala Aquifer that provides irrigation water across the great expanse of Midwestern farmlands has only a generation of water remaining.

The simple, unavoidable truth of the matter is that food production is headed for collapse in the coming years. No one denies this. The collapse of today's "food bubble" is now apparent. The collapse of food pollinators (honey bees) has already begun, and combined with the threat of GMOs, global seed contamination and accelerating soil erosion, the great food bubble of 1920 - 2012 is headed toward collapse."


• How radical weather patterns, soil depletion, deforestation and drought are severely impacting the global food supply right now.

• Why GMOs will ultimately lead to global crop failures and widespread starvation.

• The silence of the bees and the collapse of pollinators, and why this will devastate the global food supply (one-third of all foods require pollination by honey bees).

• The truth about governments destroying food freedoms, oppressing local farms and destroying the viability of the food supply in their quest for power over all food.

• Why the era of cheap oil has lead to the era of cheap food, and why BOTH will come crashing down in the near future, leading to a catastrophic collapse in human population.

• How radiation from nuclear power accidents (Fukushima and more) will threaten the global food supply and contribute to severe food shortages.

• Why even the conventional food that may appear to be nutritious is actually DEVOID of minerals -- and how the human race is being starved of nutrition through heavily processed foods grown in depleted soils.

• Conventional agriculture and the mass poisoning of our food-producing soils with chemical pesticides, herbicides and fertilizers.

• Why human civilization is causing the fifth great extinction of life on planet Earth, and why that disruption of life will devastate agricultural food production."

Be Prepared Not Scared - Food Security.  I hope you find this highly informative guide to help you become fully prepared for food shortages.  The link takes you to the full article.

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