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Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Surviving The 21st Century - Crila For Prostate and Menopausal Symptoms

Surviving The 21st Century - Crila.  I am posting this very important information about a new herbal supplement that is grown in the fertile soil of organic farms in Viet Nam. Developed by Dr. Tram, after long years of research and refinement, CRILA is just now "hitting the market" in the USA.   My husband is using this herb for his prostate difficulties and is finding it very helpful.  Women also are experiencing a most welcome relief from the misery of menopausal symptoms that interfere with quality of life as one ages.

This is my personal endorsement and introduction to all of you who follow this blog, of a truly 21st Century herbal remedy to help manage certain physical problems as they emerge throughout stages of life. 

So, by permission of Sue McKinney, the CEO of CRILA, who is a wonderful resource as we have found out on a personal level, here is the article in it's entirety.

"For the past two weeks Surviving The 21st Century has focused on the dietary supplement Crila. Crilia is derived from the Vietnamese herb Crinum latifolium. We invited Sue McKinney CEO of Crila Health to join the panel of Mannie Barling, Ashley F. Brooks and Simon Barrett to share the Crila story.

It is very rare that we discuss a specific dietary supplement as we do not wish to be seen as endorsing products. We prefer to leave that to the many ’snake oil’ salesmen on late night TV and the Internet.

"In fact I will admit that when the idea of doing a program on Crila first came up, I was quite frankly dubious. Were we risking our hard earned reputation? More importantly and much more serious, were we potentially helping or harming somepeoples health?  I decided to go along with the program, but at the first sign of Snake Oil, the rabid Pit Bull in me would come tumbling out.

"Actually I had nothing to worry about. Sue McKinney is the first to admit that Crila is not a wonder drug, it won’t make you live to be 200 years old, it does not remove wrinkles around the eyes, and it does not promote growth of male appendages!
Crila does however seem to be very effective in treating certain conditions. It has been and continues to be the subject of independent scientific study. In Vietnam it has achieved the equivalent of FDA approval as an approved medicinal drug.
Do not take that statement lightly. Vietnam is a very advanced country with some excellent researchers and rigorous drug standards.

Crila seems to be particularly effective in two areas. Treating male prostate gland issues, which is a very common issue with males over 50, and with the Baby Boomer generation aging, it is an ever growing concern today.
It has also proved to be very effective for menopausal women. It appears to have many of the abilities found in HRT drugs (Hormone Replacement Treatment) without the nasty side effects (Strokes etc).
Sue McKinney and Ashley F. Brooks spent some time discussing HRT drugs, and specifically where they come from.
PREgnent MAres uRINe!
Hint - use some of the capitalized letters to make a well know drug name….
Apparently if you crush one of the tablets and add a small amount of water you can enjoy the odoriferous source in the comfort of your own home.
If you missed the live programs, the recordings can be found here (July/9 2011) and here (July/16 2011).
I walked in as a skeptic, but obviously this is a product that shows great potential. It will be interesting to watch what happens next. If it is as effective as the research indicates, Big Pharma will be forced to react. The direction they may take is unknown, but I could guess on a few possibilities.
For more information on Crila please visit
For more information about Mannie Barling and Ashley F. Brooks please visit"
Simon Barrett

Surviving The 21st Century - Crila.  Visit the CRILA website  Also please share this information with others whom you know are having health issues such as discussed herein.  Thank you for sharing the Love and the Light with others.

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