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Monday, July 4, 2011

Fresh meat versus processed meat: Here's why it matters

Fresh meat versus processed meat: Here's why it matters is a terrific article that gives you the whole picture about processed junk meat.  It offers strong evidence and incentive to eat only fresh meat without any preservatives or red food color loaded in.

"(NaturalNews) Every July 4th, Americans gobble down enormous quantities of meat. Some of it actually from animals. The rest comes from factories that assemble bits and pieces of meat scraps, using chemical additives to make the final substance resemble something edible. That's where hot dogs come from... and sausage, pepperoni and deli meats.

If you're eating hot dogs this Fourth of July, you're engaged in acts of nutritional tyranny against your own body. So if you eat meat, eat fresh meat, not processed meat. Here's why:"
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"Just like the primary health risk of smoking cigarettes is from the chemical additives, not merely the tobacco (; the primary health risk from eating red meat is from the chemical additives, not from the meat itself."

"That's my conclusion after reading tens of thousands of news headlines, research reports and study abstracts: Red meat may be objectionable for lots of reasons -- the ethics of raising animals in food factory concentration camp conditions, for example -- but any focus on the health impacts of the meat must conclude that the chemicals are the real problem, not merely the meat. (Unless, of course, it's meat raised on genetically modified corn, in which case the meat probably is biologically toxic, and that's 95% of all conventional meat, just so ya know...)"

"It doesn't take much sodium nitrite, for example, to greatly increase a person's risk of pancreatic cancer or colon cancer. And guess where you find that chemical? Hot dogs, bacon, sausage, pepperoni, ham, lunchmeat and even beef jerky. It's also in all the quick lunch trays for children, by the way. But never in the fresh meat."
Fresh meat versus processed meat: Here's why it matters.   I learned about this about ten years ago, can't recall the source, however; I have avoided all processed meats since then, and don't miss them at all.  Except for bacon, which you can now buy uncured by Hormel, that contains no nitrates, nitrites, or other preservatives.   Apart from being able to buy pork directly from an organic farmer, there is nothing else on the market for bacon at least, that I have found.  If anyone else has any suggestions email me please. 

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